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Project Co-ordination:

Norwegian Institute for 
Water Research (NIVA)

Norwegian Institute for   
Agricultural and Environmental 
Research (BIOFORSK)

 Welcome to the STRIVER website

STRIVER will develop methodologies for Integrated water resources management (IWRM) in an Asian-European context. The project has strong emphasis on local stakeholder involvement, enabling and supporting local capacity development and uptake.

 STRIVER Final Conference

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STRIVER: Strategy and methodology for improved IWRM - An integrated interdisciplinary assessment in four twinning river basins (2006-2009) is a project supported by the European Commission Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).
SUSTDEV-2005-3.II.3.6: Twinning European/third countries river basins.
Contract number: 037141. EC Scientific Officer: Dr. Christos Fragakis, DG Research of the EC.

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